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The sneaky rabbit Story

The sneaky rabbit Story Time
One night, when the moon was very bright, Rabbit was
resting near a pond. He was very tired and wanted to go to
sleep, but he was scared the tiger was going to eat him up.
Rabbit tried and tried to stay awake. He looked up at the
sky and started to count the stars. Soon Rabbit was fast
Suddenly, a loud, booming voice woke him up. It was Tiger! ‘Aha! Now I’ve got you, little
Rabbit! You’ll be perfect in my soup!’
Rabbit was very frightened, but he had an idea. He looked in the water and saw the
reflection of the moon. It looked like a big lump of cheese. He moved his mouth,
pretending to eat, and said, ‘Mmm yum yum yum yum. Ah, Tiger. I’m happy to see you.
Yum yum yum. Come and share this delicious white cheese with me. Yum yum yum. I’m
keeping it fresh for you in the pond.’
Tiger loved white cheese. He licked his lips. ‘Mmm yum. I can see the cheese, but how
do you get it out of the pond?’ he asked.
‘Easy,’ said Rabbit. ‘I tie this stone around my foot and jump in. Do you want to try?’
Tiger tied the stone around his foot and jumped into the pond. Splash! Rabbit ran
away, saying, ‘Ha ha! Now you’re the one in the soup!’
And I’ve heard that Tiger is still trying to get out of the pond.

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